This is one of my Business field analysis practices using Python Programming Language. The data was provided by DQLab.

The business has been running for a long time since 2013, so it has many regular customers. Since the beginning of 2019, there was a decrease in the number of orders from regular customers. Label customer as churn if the last order exceeds 6 months.

2. Data Preparation

change transaction datatype from int becomes DateTime

Step by step mining data Twitter, dimulai dari apply sebagai developer account sampai mendapatkan data bersih dalam bentuk CSV (comma separated value)

Following codes are written here: (mining) (automatic mining)

  1. Apply developer account di (jawab berbagai pertanyaan dengan detail agar proses persetujuan lebih cepat)
  2. Setelah memiliki akun…

Why does Mainframe and it’s missions not only matters to me, but also my Nation?

The internet is the main medium to communicate either audio, text, or visual. Almost every person in the world needs internet from young people to the elderly, lower class workers to managers. Including government agencies…

Fatah Kasmaran

Policy Analyst and Data Enthusiast.

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